Naerbu's Short Story That Should Teach YOU A Lesson!

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Naerbu's Short Story That Should Teach YOU A Lesson! Empty Naerbu's Short Story That Should Teach YOU A Lesson!

Post by Naerbu on Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:02 pm

“Over here!”

“Where are you?”

“Behind you!”

“I can’t see you!”

“We never should have taken that shortcut!”

My vision was blurred and muck was stuck in the wrinkles of my eyelids when they were open.

“Krav!” I called out.


“Throw the rope!” I shouted.


I missed the rope. My hands started scanning the muddy ground. When I found it, Krav immediately started pulling. My legs were against the dirt drenched in water on the walls. I was scaling the wall like a rock climber.

Finally I reached over the edge and I saw Krav’s clean hands stretched out towards me.

Krav instantly asked, “Do you have the key, Borgo?”

“Yes,” I replied softly.

I rushed to the door and opened it. We finally started progressing. An hour ago, we had been walking home. We decided to take a shortcut but we fell into a hole in the ground. We didn’t know it was there. In fact, we never saw it there before. Just popped out nowhere and sucked us in. when we awoke we were laying next to a wall that stretched forever down both sides of the horizon. It was raining and there was dirt everywhere. We walked down along the wall until I saw a big hole in the ground with a shining object in the middle. Then we saw a door that was built into the wall. I jumped into the hole and the key fell into the mud. Then the story begins.

While we were walking, we saw a small figure in the distance growing larger and larger.

“Do you see that, Krav?”

“Yea, it’s really strange looking.”

“It looks like your mom.”


“Just kidding”

It got quieter. By this time we could see that it was a statue of someone. We got closer. There was no name on the statue. A small plaque below the figure read;

“If you want wealth, then you would find it at the end. One shows loss the other shows gain”

“Borgo, I think there’s treasure here!”

“No way, Krav.”

Krav always gave me a weird look when we disagreed and then looked aaway and kept a blank expression on his face.

“Krav, there’s more”

On the back of the statue it said,

“Greed brings the wealth of fools”

“What Krav? Do you think you’re better than me or something!?”

“Huh? Noo..”

Silence. Then we moved on. After 5 minutes of walking, we saw two split paths.

Krav said, “let’s split up, we’ll cover more ground. If one of us finds something then we’ll come back here and wait for the other.”

“Yea, good idea. I don’t know why you would think that I think I’m better than you.”

“I don’t know…”

We went out own ways. After walking for several more minutes, I came upon a shack with a microphone and speakers. There was a medium sized table in the middle of the shack that supported the microphone and speakers.

“…zzt…UGH!” came from the speakers.

I recognized the voice quickly. It was Krav.

“Krav!” I shouted into the microphone.



“Where are you?”

“I’m in a small shack”

“Oh, I hit my leg on a table. I think I sprained it.”

There was a shine under a purple cloth that was on the table with the microphone. I removed the Purple cloth and it was a gold bar.

“Krav! I found a gold bar!”

“Stop Lying!”

“No, I’m serious!”

“Wait, I think I see one too. I can’t get to it. It’s too far and I can’t stand.”

Then all of a sudden a man appeared and said, “Do not tell you friend I have said this but you must advise your friend not to take the gold bar or you both will be stuck here forever. If you tell him then I shall kill you both the second you say it.” Then he disappeared.

“Krav, don’t take the gold!”

“Why not?”

“Because, we will be stuck here forever.”

“Oh I see what this is about. You want all the glory for yourself. Well, I want that gold and I’m going to take it!!”

“Please Krav, you have to believe me!”

“No! You’ve always had all the glory. Always, you think you’re better.”

The doors shut around me and it with the walls turned to steel.

“Krav! YOU STUPID IDIOT!!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

“Holy Crap!”

“You never listen!”

I took the microphone and stepped on it. Then I grabbed the speakers and threw it onto the ground. Just before it broke I heard faintly,

“I’m sorry…”


Naerbu's Short Story That Should Teach YOU A Lesson! Naerbu10

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Naerbu's Short Story That Should Teach YOU A Lesson! Empty Re: Naerbu's Short Story That Should Teach YOU A Lesson!

Post by lilchico6 on Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:13 pm

this story was long but awsome nice naerbu

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